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50 Things We All Take For Granted.

“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.” – Amy Collette

We have a tendency to always want more, and never truly appreciate what's right in front of us now. Today, I wanted to outline 50 things we too often take for granted, but to be honest, the list is endless. Whether it's a beautiful house, a significant other that we love, or as simple as your favourite cup of coffee, we can always find something to be grateful for.

Here are 50 things we too often take for granted:

  1. Good health.

  2. Having a great time with friends

  3. Waking up today.

  4. Having a home.

  5. Having a family.

  6. Having people that love you.

  7. Coffee.

  8. Good music.

  9. Your favourite books.

  10. Breathing in the fresh air.

  11. A bed to sleep in at night.

  12. Nourishing food.

  13. Laughing.

  14. Having a passion.

  15. Working towards a goal.

  16. This moment now.

  17. Rainy days.

  18. Exercise.

  19. Walks with your dog.

  20. A sunny day.

  21. Clean water.

  22. Summer nights.

  23. Fall mornings.

  24. Movies.

  25. Sunsets.

  26. Snowy days inside.

  27. New friends.

  28. Comfort food.

  29. Peace and meditation.

  30. Sunday afternoons.

  31. Adventures.

  32. Moments you'll never forget.

  33. Journaling.

  34. Romance.

  35. Trips to California.

  36. Drinking Wine.

  37. Nature walks.

  38. Looking back at memories.

  39. The past.

  40. The future.

  41. Giving to others.

  42. A hot shower.

  43. Drinks on a patio.

  44. Drive-In movies.

  45. Sitting in a park.

  46. Days spent by the lake.

  47. Your mind.

  48. Your hobbies.

  49. Random acts of kindness.

  50. Your life.

Everyday we are faced with a choice, and everyday we can choose gratitude.

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