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Forgiveness is the Only Way to Heal.

"To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you." -Lewis B. Smedes

Throughout our lives, so many of us hold onto our past pain and allow it define us. We allow an open wound from the past to remain infected with the poison of anger, regret and hurt. Ultimately however, these past feelings of pain and suffering end up hurting ourselves more than anyone else in the process.

You see, when we're angry, upset, or distressed about a past event or a person, we allow our thoughts to be on auto-pilot. We allow the cycle of perpetuating negative thoughts, to keep the wound open and never allow it to fully heal and become a scar.

Our scars are reminders of our strength. Our scars are reminders of our healing. Our scars are reminders of our courage and perseverance to overcome difficult times, and also remind us that we are so much stronger than we even know. But when we hang on to our past trauma like a government issued ID, we never allow ourselves to fully heal. We never allow ourselves to fully live and be who we truly are.

That's why forgiveness is the only way we can truly feel whole again.

Forgiveness is the gateway to loving and accepting yourself again. It's the gateway to new experiences and new feelings that you've hidden yourself from, because ultimately, our thoughts and feelings determine how we live in this world.

Although it may be so hard, it's so important that you give yourself permission to forgive and let the healing process unfold.

You need to bite your lip when you allow yourself to feel the pain and in turn, give yourself permission to grow from it all. You need to look for the lessons- not for the faults- in what has happened in your past. You need to stop blaming those that are around you for the way that you're feeling and take responsibility for your own life, although it may be so difficult to do right now.

I remember when I personally went through a really dark time in my own life. My negative thoughts and feelings spiralled into a time where I viewed the world from an entirely negative lens. A lens that made the world seem so dark with seemingly no light at the end of the tunnel.

But although the emotional pain for me was agonizing, it was also transformative and I found a silver lining in everything that happens to us, no matter how good or bad things may be. Regardless as to what happened in your past, you have a choice in this present moment to choose differently for yourself. To choose otherwise for yourself.

You deserve to feel love, happiness and light. You deserve to feel good and expierence all that life has to offer. But in order to do so, it begins with yourself and this moment right now. So choose to forgive, so you can finally and whole-heartedly choose to let go.

You deserve to heal. You deserve to feel light again.

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