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How To Create Your Own Dream Reality.

“The only thing you experience is what you created.” -Meir Ezra

Oftentimes, we find ourselves in difficult life situations. Times when we don't feel as connected to who we really are and where we're currently at in our lives. Although this is challenging to face, the truth is that we are the ones that are creating this unfortunate reality for ourselves, and all we need to do is wake up to what we truly want to in our lives.

Whether we feel trapped at work or trapped in an unhealthy relationship, the truth is that life is nothing but a perspective. And if we want our lives to change, than we need to change the way we see things.

There is nothing either inherently good or bad, all that matters is just what we make of it all, and realizing that this is how we take our power back.

Our thoughts determine our feelings. Our feelings elicit our actions. And our day-to-day actions add up to create our present reality. Thus, in order to create a new reality for ourselves, we have to change our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Otherwise, we may end up wasting the only life and experience we may have.

So in order to change our world, we first need to start where it all begins: With ourselves.

Here is a few short tips I created in order to change your world. It may not happen overnight, but the consistency and intention each day aligning yourself with the reality you want to create, will build up massively over time.

Your Thoughts. You may have heard this before, but what you think, you become. As you pay closer attention to your thoughts, you'll begin to realize that the words that come out of your mouth reflect your innermost feelings. But in order to change your life, we have to become more aware of what we're thinking about.

Make a conscious choice everyday to have positive, uplifting thoughts and your reality will act as a mirror, in which, you will begin to see more positive and happy things in your life.

Your Feelings. Your feelings are much like a guidance system. Always letting you know whether you're on the right path or not. If you feel anxious, perhaps it means something in your life is unaligned. If you feel good emotions, hold on to that feeling, as you are doing the things that you truly love.

A good place to start is to seek out to find what it is that you're truly passionate about. Being passionate about something has an extremely high frequency that makes you feel absolutely amazing!

Your Actions. Lastly, the small day-to-day actions that you are doing everyday compound on top of one another to ultimately form the life that you're currently living. Thus, if you don't like the life that you're living, than change the actions that you are taking each day.

Write that book. Go after that person. Take a chance. Because if you really want to change what you're experiencing in your life, then you have to take chances and try new things.

At first this all may seem totally out of your comfort zone, but eventually it will all just become automatic to you as your new reality becomes your new norm.

Change is hard at the very beginning, but it's only those that seek to see things fully through, that end up getting the astounding and amazing results that they're looking for.

Sending you all the best and hope this helps!


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