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It's Time To Take Control Of Your Life Again...

"No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. we ourselves must walk the path.” -Buddha

It's time now, to take control of your life again. To pick up the broken pieces from your life's internal mirror that have shattered all over your external world, and finally begin again. Finally begin again to fit and mend the pieces together in your life once more.

Just because you may feel broken- just because you may feel lost and fragmented right now- doesn't mean you can't take control of your life again. It doesn't mean you are trapped in a chapter that has no end. It doesn't mean you are trapped in a life that you didn't create for yourself.

You are not meant to become your past. You are not here to let your past define you. Tell me, who were you before this happened? What made you smile? What made you feel alive? What inspired you?

I know you may feel as though the world is crashing down on you, but I can promise you that it is not. It is not against you- it is with you. As we are all just extensions of the world -extensions of love and life- that aren't here to struggle, fold and bend over to life's whim.

Your mind may not know where to start, but the beating compass inside your chest knows where it must begin. Yes, your life won't fit back together overnight. It may take weeks, months, perhaps even years...

But who is to say that you can't enjoy that process?

Who is to say that life is only good when we have it all together? Who is to say that life is only abundant, freeing and happy when everything is all figured out?

No, there is beauty in the process of it all. There is happiness in watching the journey unfold. There is love in seeing your life untangle.

Because even if it takes one year or ten years, it is never too late to take control of your life again.

It is never too late to burn to ashes the chapter that you are currently writing, and begin again to write a new one. A fulfilling one. A chapter of your design, filling it with the pages of your own created words and not of your given circumstances.

It is never too late to take control again of your life. But you have to promise yourself -you have to make a decision for yourself- that you will not settle for less than what you truly desire. What you know you truly deserve.

Because although the past is history, the future is yet to be a mystery. And it's never to late to take control of your life, of your power, and your capacity to live as fully and as abundantly as you possibly can.

It's never too late to begin again.

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