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Life Is Too Short...

“Life is too short. Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness. Laugh when you can. Apologize when you should and let go of what you can.” -Unknown

Life is too short.

Life is too short to wake up everyday feeling tethered to the cold, metal chains of a life not fully lived. A life that deserves more. A life that knows they could be more. A life that wants to be more than what it's putting out to be.

Life is too short not to take chances on the things you really want in this world. The person you really want to be. The vision you really want to make your reality. Life is far too short to play small with your time and not enjoy the climb. For we take for granted the fleeting, impermanence that is our time here in this world.

Life is too short to hold onto negative feelings towards another human being. To hold angst, grudges or bitterness towards another person for how they once treated you. For you see, holding on to resentment hurts yourself, far more than what the other person once did to you. So let go. Be free, and allow yourself to love and live again.

Life is too short not to surround yourself with only the things and people that bring you the innermost joy. The things and people you are drawn to create the time for, no matter what life challenges you with. The people and things that you are here for. The people and things that you are always there for.

Life is too short not to want something more for yourself and for your kids one day. To want a happier, more lively existence for both yourself and the ones that you love. As so often we settle for what we have, and feel the draining guilt of disappointment if we ever dare to want more. Don't be afraid to reach high above what you think is possible.

Life is too short not to take care of yourself. To keep your soul cleansed and your mind and body riveting, with the care and love that only a mother or father can give their child. We often allow our health to take a backseat as we are faced and challenged with other responsibilities in life. But needless to say, our health is the most important duty we can ever fulfill.

Life is too short not to give yourself a break. To rest, relax and recharge, from our constant and uncontrollable appetite for success. The continuous chase of success is not happiness. It is not why we are here. Yes, strive and reach for your full potential, but never lose sight of what matters because you are constantly chasing for a better life, when ironically it is here for you now.

Life is too short to have regrets. To look to your past and wish you'd done things differently. To look to your previous life, and wish things had been better. You have to see -you have to let yourself know- that life is exactly as it should be in this moment. That it brought you here. It brought you to this moment now.

Life is too short to not allow yourself to love and be vulnerable. To open yourself up to the vast array of feelings that this world is tightly composed of, and allow yourself to feel it all. Allow yourself to be it all. We are so afraid to show ourselves. We are so afraid to take off our mask and just be with it all.

Life is too short to waste on the small, insignificant and trivial matters, when there is so much more to feel, become and love in this life.

Life is too short for the things don't really matter in the end.

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