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One Day.

One day, when you least expect it, you'll look at your life and wonder how it's all gotten here. You'll look at all the choices you've made, the memories you've created, the experiences you've had, and you'll sit in awe wishing that it can all just come back in the way that it once was.

So often we cling and hold on to our past. We identify with it. We think about it. We feel it in our core and we force ourselves to stay and salivate on what once was, instead of embracing and accepting for what is.

In my own life, I've caught myself getting anxious and stressed about things that ultimately don't matter. Things that have happened in the past or things that have yet to happen in the future. We all know that feeling. The lingering thoughts of crippling anxiety that hangs over your head and consumes the present moment for the only moment that we truly experience.

The past few weeks for myself have shown me that I too often let the stresses and hassles of life, affect what truly matters most to me. I've been focusing on the wrong thing. I've been chasing happiness, instead of seeing how much I have to be grateful for. I've been looking for happiness outside of myself, needless to say, that it was within me this entire time.

If I have my health, I will be happy. If I can write, I will be happy. If I have my loved ones, I will be happy. Nothing else really matters.

We let the things that take us away from what's above, to impact our lives, only to look back later one day when we're older and realize that the things we we were once chasing, we're actually just a distraction from the things we once had.

One day, you'll look back and wish you would have appreciated this moment.

So today, take note of all that you have in your life and ensure that what truly matters is what you take care of in your life, today. The rest and the things you're stressing about will all just fall into place, as they may.

Don't just wait for one day to feel this way. Start today to feel this way.


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