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Read This When You Feel Like Giving Up On Yourself...

"The will to never give up and to be fearless. That's what I have." -Christina Milian

On the days that you just can't seem to get out of bed,

On the days that you just can't seem to see the light,

On the days that you just can't seem to wake up,

On the days that you want to give up on yourself...

This is for you to remember.

Sometimes, life will be hard. It will be hard, and in turn, you will be hard on yourself. You'll wish for better days, and life will eventually grant them to you. But as for today, life may feel dark, dim and despairing. As though you are pushing a large boulder up a steep hill, yet, never truly making any progress in your life.

We all have days like these. Days where life just seems to feel forced, pushed and unwilling in so many different ways.

But never forget...

We often judge our lives from the lens of a single day. We paint a picture of where we are, by colouring inside the lines of tomorrow, with what's happening today. We allow one day, to beat us down. To tell us that we aren't enough. To tell us this is who we are...

To tell us to give up on ourselves.

But please remember, that you can't give up on yourself. You can't give in to the voice that isn't who you really are.

You may feel exhausted with your life, today. As though there is no end. As though there is no goodness. But I plead to you to look harder; to look beyond the lines of today, into the dotted lines of tomorrow and the endless possibilities that are awaiting you, one day.

Look back into the lines of yesterday to see the good that once was. To see the light that was once your tunnel. The flicker of hope that you once felt, not too long ago when things were moral and good.

Then, use that flicker -that glimmer of life that you once felt- and bring it back into this moment right now. Feed that flare. Nourish it. Cultivate it into what was once a seeping heat of fire that was once your flame.

Tend to it and allow the flame to shine brightly again in the darkness that you are currently trapped in. Follow it, and allow it's light to guide you back onto the path that you sadly veered and swerved away from. Allow it's dazzling, glistening colours to bring you back to who you are, and trust that a bad day does not determine a bad life.

Please, trust in yourself to bring who you know you can be, into who you are right now. Trust yourself to bring back the adventure that you were once embarking on and the journey that you were once so in love with.

And please remember, to be gentle with yourself in moments of anguish. As being bitter towards yourself and resisting the moment that you are feeling right now is a sure way to feel trapped inside of it.

Because you don't need to ignore your feelings. You don't need to suppress them into the journal of your life that you hide and shy away from for years on end. You can feel them. You can feel them now. You can allow yourself to touch them. You do not need to run away from them. You do not need to feel as though you need to control them.

As it's only once you allow yourself to sit with darkness, that you realize that the room is only shadowy, when you are closing your eyes to it. But open them. Open them wide Allow yourself to see it all. Allow yourself to feel it all today, if you must.

But never forget that tomorrow is a new day.

You are alive. You are well. You are here.

Tomorrow is a new beginning.

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