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Read This, When You're Feeling Disconnected From Yourself...

“We are like puzzle pieces who are perfectly suited to make a giant picture together, but we are assembling ourselves in the dark.” ―Vironika Tugaleva

Throughout life, there will be many times when you're feeling disconnected from yourself, the world around you, and perhaps even the people closest to you. I want you to know however, that not only is this normal to feel, but it's also okay to have times in your life where you feel misaligned. It's totally natural to feel the different ebbs and flows in your life. But all you have to do to bring yourself back, is to tap into who you really are once again, as you are living in-genuinely to what your soul is calling you for.

Our bodies and minds are amazing instruments. They let us know exactly when we're feeling off and more or less, are working side-by-side with us to let us know how we're doing in life. The problem often arises however, when our minds and body are giving us signs such as anxious thoughts and feelings, that we are constantly ignoring and allowing to perpetuate.

We all know that tight and tense feeling that hangs heavy in our chests when we're feeling distressed and misaligned. Yet, so often we shy away from this feeling and allow our thoughts and minds to consume our day-to-day life. We know we feel off, yet, we ignore the signs and go about our lives wondering why we're feeling so unfulfilled and so tense. While deep down however, knowing we have the answers to the way that we're feeling.

The Universe is always giving you signs. The Universe is always giving you exactly what you may need, even if you don't quite realize it at the time. Pay attention to these signs. Allow yourself to feel even the worst and most uncomfortable of feelings, in order for you to bring it to light and finally move past it.

You see, we need to cultivate and grow the relationship with ourselves. Because when we're disconnected from ourselves and who we really are, we are not showing ourselves the compassion and love that we need. We are not showing ourselves what ultimately our souls need and crave right now in this moment.

In times when you're feeling disconnected... Give yourself a moment to breathe, to journal, and to collect your thoughts. Because otherwise, those thoughts eventually become repressed emotions that will invariably consume your life and your day-to-day expierence in this world.

If you're feeling disconnected from yourself, set an intention to figure it out. Give yourself an opportunity to find out what's misaligned in your life and give yourself a chance to align yourself back with the things and people that are true and honest with who you really are.

So to you, the person reading this right now who's feeling disconnected from themselves...

It's okay to feel off. It's okay to feel as though you're foreign to yourself. Your body and mind are telling you that there's something deep within you- a pit of passion that hasn't yet been unlocked- that's waiting for you to look deeply inside of it. To deeply tap into it. A part that's always been there, but hasn't yet been given the attention and love that it needs, in order to manifest in your physical world.

So give yourself a moment to journal, meditate and collect your thoughts once more.

As in doing so, we will once again allow ourselves to grow the most important relationship we can have and live our lives everyday with intention and purpose, that is aligned with who we truly are. With who we've truly always been.

Until next time,


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