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Read This, When You've Lost Trust In People...

Trust is perhaps the most delicate and the most intricate gift that one human being can give to another. It is the sticky glue that holds passionate relationships together and the loving entity that binds together two devoted and dedicated souls. But although beautiful in feeling, trust can also be very fleeting. As trust can easily become lost and the most readily taken away endowment, if that trust is one day overtaken by a lack of faith in one person from another.

The truth is that many times throughout your life, people may betray your trust. You may openly and genuinely give them your heart, only to have them throw it back to you bruised and misled once they are done with it. And as a result, you may be weary to give your full self to another human being again. You may be distressed to trust another person again. You may be afflicted to give your soul away once more, in fear that you may not get it back as whole and as complete as when you once gave it.

And to you, the reader... I want you to know that it's okay to feel that way.

It's okay to feel hurt and betrayed and whatever else it is that you want to feel. You are allowed to. You are allowed to feel whatever pain and hurt that aches and echos inside of you, until you can no longer can take it anymore. But you also have to know that at some point, you need to let go of it all, not for another person but for yourself. For you.

You need to still try and see the good in other people even if you don't want to. Even if it's hard to see at first. Even if it's impossible to see at first. I need you to still try and trust that there are people out there that will take care of your soul and tend to it as though it was their own, because at our core we are all the same. We are all connected. We are all here to love and to be loved. And in doing so, each and every one of us can take comfort in wholeheartedly knowing that we are all humans just here to live and expierence.

Along your journey, you will come across more than a few lost souls that will betray your trust. That will betray your vulnerability. And yes, they will betray it and make you question and ponder whether the world is inherently good. You will ask yourself if we are all just in it for ourselves and sometimes your mind will haunt you thinking that it's all true.

But I need you to know that trusting is the gateway to loving. And if you never allow yourself the chance to trust and love as fully and as openly as you can once more, then you may never again experience what it means to be fully alive. To be fully vulnerable. To be fully here. And that would be such a shame to live with, knowing that there was nothing to lose than to fully show your true colours to the world once more. Because being hurt doesn't mean that you're broken.

So to you, the person that was once betrayed, that was once deceived, that was once abandoned...

Do not allow an experience from your past to shape and mold your present reality. Do not allow a single memory to deceive you from the beauty that is having trust in others and the very Universe itself. Because although your past may have left a scar that once cut so deep into you that it left something seemingly permanent inside of you, the pain only stays when you allow it to. The pain of your past will only stay as long as you give it permission to.

So let go of what once happened from your past. Let go of what has now forced you to guard your heart and protect your own energy because of what someone else once did to you. That was not your fault. None of it was. But allowing yourself to feel broken and shattered is your doing.

We are not given second chances to live. We are not given time to hesitate and miss out on amazing people and opportunities in life that come our way. Take back control of this moment now and forgive the person that was just a human being- just like you- trying to find there way. A person that wasn't self-aware enough to know what they were doing at the time, but rather, was dealing with things far beyond what they even realize. Because after all, we all only in the best way we can.

Forgive them not for them, but for you. For forgiveness is not weakness but immense strength. As it shows you that at the end of the day you are your own light, your own illumination and your own glimmer of shining brilliance.

Forgive them so you can finally move on to start fully living again.

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