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Stop Waiting For Life To Happen.

"The world is all gates, all opportunities, strings of tension waiting to be struck." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

As I've learned and grew throughout my 20's, I've truly grasped the concept that life is unpredictable, uncertain and anything can happen at any moment. You can be going in one direction, when all of the sudden, life grabs you and guides into a brand new one that you never expected. A direction that you could have never predicted, but one that turns out to be essential for you and your journey.

But with that being said, I've also learned that no matter what happens, we have to trust ourselves and our journey. We have to trust ourselves to overcome the fear and anxiety that we may feel when we're going after our dreams, and instead, use that fear to fuel us into action and passion. Otherwise, our fear will invariably always consume us and stop us from truly living.

Risks in life are scary. Risks in life are something that many of us shy away from. Not because deep down we don't want or feel drawn to take that chance that is compelling and guiding us, but rather, because we're afraid of the outcome. We're afraid of being let down because of our expectations.

But I need you, the reader, to know that you need to take this chance on life...

You need to go after what your heart truly desires the most, no matter how afraid or how scared you may feel about it. You need to take this step -this small step- into the unknown, because as I said earlier, you never know where one path may lead and where another may bring you.

You need to trust yourself and what your gut is telling you. You need to listen to the tense, yet, inspiring feeling in your mid-section that is acting as your internal compass that is gently escorting and accompanying you throughout your life. You need to believe that whichever direction your heart is telling you to go, is the right direction. The right chance to take.

Comfort is safe. Comfort is easy. Comfort is how you've gotten to this moment right now and how you have created your reality and experience on this planet, up until now. But if you want to experience something new -if you want to experience something truly extraordinary- than you need to take an extraordinary chance, not just on life, but also in yourself believing that you can.

Do not wait until it's too late. Do not wait until your soul can no longer guide you or your mind and thoughts are too much on auto-pilot for you to take action on your dreams. Engage in the life and choices that grow you. Engage in the life and story that invigorates you and inspires you to live more fully every single day.

Bend and lean into your fear. Do not stagnant and tilt away from it. Accept that it's there, but also, do not allow your fear to make the choices and choose the life that you want to live.

You have so much power within you to change and alter that fear into something that fuels you and guide you towards your wildest dreams. So take a chance. Take a chance on life.

Because at the end of the day, our choices define us. But most importantly, we never want to look back on our lives and wish we didn't give ourselves permission to lean fully and whole-heartedly into our dreams and aspirations. To lean whole-heartedly into who we truly are.

Today, you begin. Today, you do not let your fear define you, but rather, your action and passion to fuel you.

Until next time,


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