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What Does Happiness Mean To You?

Undoubtedly an important question we need to ask yourselves. You see, when it comes to happiness, we think it's a "one-trick pony". In other words, what makes one person happy should inevitably make another person happy. But unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Each of us are unique in more ways than one- we have different interests, different passions, different tastes for life and different canvases for how we want all our lives to look. Recognize your authenticity. Honour what may be true to you but different for somebody else. You are the artist painting the canvas of your life, and in turn, creating the image of what your happiness will look like. Don't shy away from the opportunity to figure out what your happiness looks like.

It may take time, energy and relentless work in order to decipher what the word means to you, but all the while, you'll be entering down a journey of self-discovery and inner knowingness that will help you find purpose and intention in your life; two entities that make a life well-lived and honed. Moreover, be sure to take careful note of the inevitable possibility that your happiness is always changing. Depending on where you may be in your life- your own personal happiness is constantly evolving and growing. Constantly being delighted with new expierences and moments that help you get closer to the light within us.

So I'll ask you... What does happiness mean to you? Has it changed as of late? Has it been slowly taking shape? Are you currently going through one of life's many tests, in order to find it? Remember- that seated in each present moment is an opportunity to choose not just what happiness looks like, but what it feels like too. Don't take this gift for granted. Don't look to shy away from this vital question. Because once you decide, in this moment now, what happiness may mean to you... Then you suddenly guiding your everyday actions; a direction intuitively guiding you where to go.

What does happiness mean to you?

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