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Why You Need Structure in Your Life.

While many people may shudder at having a particular schedule and routine, having some sort of structure in your life will inevitably allow you to thrive. When you become aware of what it is you want in your life and build habits and routines to make sure you stay focused, the things you once needed motivation to do happen much more effortlessly.

A little while ago, I found myself very anxious when I woke up with a million thoughts running through my mind all at once. I didn't know which way to turn or what to do with myself and it wasn't until much later that I realized the importance and vitalness of having some structure in my life. With the ensuing pandemic, life can be uncertain. But that doesn't mean our life has to entirely go on hold. Building healthy habits that you participate in daily is much more important than many of us even think. Here's why:

1) It builds intention into your day.

Routines create consistency in our schedule, and in turn, set our intention for the day of what we hope to accomplish. Let's be honest- it's very easy to get lazy in terms of our goals and dreams but creating a healthy routine and structure in our life will make these things non-negotiable even when the going gets tough. Having a clear intention for the day that starts with a lifestyle you consciously created for yourself will give you purpose and daily goals to hit that will help you enjoy the progress in the small miniscule details of your life.

2) Make time for yourself.

In today's fast-paced world, it's so easy to lose track of your time always working (or always feel like your working for that matter. With that being said, when you carve out time for yourself whatever that may mean to you, you allow yourself to rest and recuperate in order to come back stronger. Too much do we allow the demands of everyday life to come in the way of our happiness and well-being and it's time we begin whole heartedly choosing and priortizting our own happiness.

3) You can better focus your days.

Having a built in routine and structure in your life will not only reduce your stress and anxiety, but also allow you to better focus your energy on the tasks and people that matter most. Priorizting the things, hobbies and people that are most important to you will ripple into every aspect of your life allowing you to see how amazing your life can be. When you bring more clear-minded focus into your life, you still start to become increasingly more aware of the who you want to be and begin crafting and creating your life in the way that is most aligned with your authentic self.

4) Build Momentum.

Having large goals can be very daunting. But when you break them down into small, manageable goals, you build the confidence and momentum you need to accomplish big things in your life. But building momentum is not just about achieving goals- it's also about keeping the promises you make to yourself. Because when you follow through on the things you said you would, you start to truly believe in yourself and what you're capable of.

5) It gives you purpose in your life.

When we're looking for something more in our lives, we often look to the wrong place. We search for more money, the love that we desperately think we need, more things to buy or anything else external that we think can fill the missing hole inside of us. Building a routine or structure in your life will help you derive purpose from what's within. It will allow you to see the beauty in your own life and the things you have to be grateful and appreciative of. While it may not change your life in an instant, building healthy habits is one of the greatest keys to living a happy and fulfilling life.

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