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Your Time is Now.

Not tomorrow, but today. Read that once more if you must, because so often we delay our happiness and our life because of the standards and limitations that other people create for us. They'll try to keep us in the "box" that they percieve us to be in- perhaps the same one that they see themselves in. They'll mend, bend and forge you into what THEY want you to be, while trying so desperately to stop you from choosing who YOU want to be. Your time is now- not to be make someone else's fantasies come true but YOURS. Because you see... All we ever have is this moment now. Not yesterday or tomorrow... But today, the only experience that isn't just a figment of our minds. Today, you need to finally start listening to what's eating away inside of you and whole-heartedly set it free. That part, deep inside of you that has been hidden for so long; hidden under the mask you've been wearing that has molded to your insides, and in turn, created your outsides. It's time to set that part of yourself free. To let yourself be. To stop passing by life surrounded by things and people that mean little to you and begin surrounding yourself with only the things and people that are most meaningful to you. I think that we often forget in the midst of everything that we always have a choice- not just in the way we live, but how we live. Your time is now and it always will be- you are never stuck in life, you merely just haven't made the whole-hearted choice yet to live truest to yourself and your greatest desires; a choice that may not dictate so much the external, but the internal. The part of yourself that matters most.

You must be courageous in the pursuit of your innermost happiness- afterall, it doesn't come cheap, but it does come willfully if you allow it to.

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